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07 juillet 2010

What is Original Play ?

Bonjour ! Aujourd'hui j'aimerais porter à votre attention un article que j'ai trouvé très instructif  et qui avec des mots simple apporte une réponse à une question de prime abord complexe.

         What is Original Play ?

Original Play is the courage to be kind and safe in all situations.  This practice is a way of relating to the world that transforms patterns of fear, aggression and violence into love, kindness and belonging. Original Play conveys a message of connection that is a powerful alternative to fear and contest behavior.  It allows us to effectively respond to aggression, violence and other unproductive behaviors while maintaining self esteem and not diminishing the esteem of others.
Original Play is not about games, sports, winning, losing, playing a game or having fun.  These  culturally-based behaviors are not part of Original Play.
Original Play is a physiological and psychological process.  It is not a cognitive exercise but instead combines cognitive, affective and sensory-motor learning processes.  Therefore, to fully understand Original Play requires that you experience it rather than simply talk about it. 
 Un peu plus loin ...
What children are saying about Original Play:
A 10 year-old writes, “Play is being able to tell the world that you don’t like what it is doing to you, and not harming anyone while you do it.”    

A 6 year-old asks his teacher, “Can we practice playing?  Because if we practice we will get good at it and learn how not to hurt others and how not to get hurt.”

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